Is It The Weekend Yet? Snippets-March 2, 2023

Go throw money at Forever Skies. Survival News Roundup!


The Forever Skies Kickstarter is officially live! Check out the goodies before the campaign closes on March 30th.
Road to Vostok has a new Devlog premiering today at 1 PM Eastern. (YouTube)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ Wild Side and Carpathian Survival were added to the Upcoming Games directory. Wild Side has a shit ton of internet sleuthing attached to it, too, so give it a read.

 ‣ My goal this week (giving myself until Sunday) is to add 20 games to the upcoming directory AND put every game currently published there into a "maintenance" state on my Notion board. That means that I roll up and check on it once a month for upkeep unless something significant happens ahead of time. (You can see a screenshot of that insanity on the status channel in our Discord server.)

 ‣ My brain is bursting with ideas for shit moving forward. The roadblock is finding the time to do it all. (Also, making it coherent to people. Hm.)

Don't Miss Out

Far North is a procedural open-world survival game with co-op and dynamic seasons. It's currently available in Pre-Alpha on Help the developers by checking it out! You can head over to Discord and leave your feedback.

Survival Gaming News

A small video was posted explaining how Smalland will handle Servers & Worlds. Max of 10 people seems about right! (YouTube)

Zevolution is still in development and expanded the team. I wonder if they'll take another crack at a fundraiser sometime. (YouTube Devlog)

I know some folks don't quite jive with a text-based inventory, but I have to say that Survive the Nights does pull it off well. I dig these changes they're making to update the look & functionality too. (Steam News)

The "Fish & Drones" update for Planet Crafter is now live! Your old saves will function with this save just fine, though you're free to start a new save to experience getting your fish-filled life on from the start. (YouTube)

Though they're not my cup of tea, I have to say that titles set in space end up with some crazy colors & unique looks to their art! Beyond Contact with a sneak peek behind the scenes. (Steam News)