Frostpunk But You Don't Get Punked? Snippets, Friday March 10, 2023

News for the week of "It's been more than a week because I was sick."

Time Relevant

Above Snakes will be releasing a free Prologue for the game this month! The prologue covers the first hour of gameplay and introduces players to the game mechanics and systems. Hit the link for the details. 
Frostpunk is currently able to be played for free until March 11th. Additionally, it's on sale and will be 80% off until March 16th. 

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ I have been drowning in lower back pain- sciatica pain is a thing for me now! Nothing like feeling like I'm getting electrical shocks to my lower back and legs when my job is being on my feet for 12 hours. It's more bearable/less painful now but it's made wanting to sit at my desk and write a no go.

 ‣ Almost done with a complete revamp of the Upcoming Games Directory. Added a changelog! Changed the tabs! Fucking hate that I keep redoing this shit! Damn OCD.

 ‣ I wrote some really interesting articles lately, if I do say so myself, and I'll post them soon. Just trying to figure out a posting schedule to be honest.

Don't Miss Out

If you're waiting for more content & fewer bugs in Sons of the Forest, why not try Aloft? The demo is available & free, the game is cute & upbeat. Everybody wins! 

Survival Gaming News

Skye Pre-Alpha access is gated behind a PayPal donation, and the testers are tied up in NDA. But the developer did release some Pre-Alpha footage! I think it looks fine but needs more work. (YouTube)

Some creepy creatures are revealed with a new Smalland video! (YouTube)

I think this adorable sheep animation just sold me on finally trying out Aloft. (DevLog)

Fishing is fishing is fishing, even in low-poly. New feature in SurrounDead. (Patch Notes)

Endnight pushed the first patch for Sons of the Forest (patch, not hotfix) and it could basically be titled "We Fixed All of the Bugs That Made it Funny Easy." (Patch Notes)

I only understand 5 words of this entire process but I do know that folks will be happy to see 'survival game' paired with 'mod support'. (Ozone Wipeout, Devlog)

Tiny roadmap still counts as a roadmap, bring it on Green Hell! (Steam News)

Looking forward to the new gameplay video teased by the developers of Outbreak Island! (Steam News)

Hit the link to learn about the latest Alpha update for Jaws of Extinction. It's literally too much shit to cover in detail. (Steam News)

Can't remember if I put this in the last Snippets so I present to you (again?)- the giant upcoming roadmap for Icarus! (Roadmap and stuff)