Happy Birthday Becca! Snippets for February 5th, 2023

Catch up on important Survival game related news. February 5th, 2023.

Time Relevant

You have five days left to pick up the Survival Instinct bundle from Humble! $15 bucks is an AMAZING price for these games- if you miss it you'll be kicking yourself in the ass.
(If Farming is more your speed, check out this Fighting Farmers bundle!)
Clear your schedule! The next Steam Next Fest is slated for Feb 6-13. Be prepared for a ton of new or updated demos- additional details to come.
Winter Survival Prologue scheduled to drop February 15th. (Source)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ Links for the main website and this news secondary news site have (hopefully) all been updated. Game directories will remain on the original WordPress website. Mainly because that organizational plugin is so damn amazing!

 ‣ Old reviews have been transferred off of the WordPress website to this site! I've updated pictures and refreshed the text as well.

 ‣ Becca designed a really neat header image for the newsletter! You can view it at the top of this post.

Don't Miss Out

The Great Circle is available as a demo and worth checking out. Who doesn't want to wander & survive as an animal?! The developer is active on the community Discord and progress has been moving at a good clip. (Store Page)

Survival Gaming News

The Infected is churning towards the release of the next big update, slated for sometime before the end of March. The new models are crazy and, alongside the new map, represent a major step up in the quality of the game. (Source)

Another progress report has been posted for Mist Survival. It's good to see development continue on the game, though most folks would be happy if he spent some time fixing the broken shit first. Also, I'd be thrilled if multiplayer came out sometime this year- I always appreciate having another game to drag my sister into. (Source)

It's been over half a year since the developers of Beyond Contact patched the game- or even posted an announcement on the development status to their Discord or Steam page. But they finally broke the silence to announce that they're close to a 1.0 launch, and there's a ton of new shit on the way. I'd hit the link for details and pictures. (Source)

Hands down, I feel Above Snakes is just killing it in adding well-thought-out and impactful features. Bonus points- the art style is excellent, so everything looks even more adorable when new stuff is added, like the new horses used for fast travel.(Source)

Serum has been posting lore and visual snippets for a while now- more frequently since they picked up a publisher. Unfortunately, while it's not a The Day Before situation, it's become pretty much like white noise to me. My interest level is subpar, even after following it since 2021. Is anyone else keeping tabs on this game? (Source)

If you're into automation, this update is for you. This update is for you if you want an item to automatically handle fueling and storage organization. If you want to automate handling item generation, transport, and storage, this update is for you. But, oh shit, whoops, this may not be for you if you don't like Rust. (Source)