Wild Side Getting On My Bad Side. Snippets- March 15th, 2023.

So many browser tabs. I open tons; it's a problem.

Wednesdays are for reflecting on the shit you didn't get done the previous week. It's also about catching up on browser tabs.
(Of course, this first one may be a couple of weeks' worth of backlog for me!)

Time Relevant

Sad news for The Long Dark fans- the console release for TALES, Part One, was delayed by Hinterland after running into some internal issues. Instead, Parts 1 & 2 will be releasing March 30th, alongside the Steam & Epic Game Store release. (Hinterland Forums)

Hashtag Survival

 ‣ Added the following games to the Upcoming Games directory: Carpathian Survival, Devil's Island, Alone in the Outback, and Taora: Survival.

 ‣ Wild Side is alive again!? Either way, I tacked the new details onto the page for the game. What a meandering journey.

Don't Miss Out

Tired of gloomy forests and unending sandy beaches? Check out Alone in the Outback, an upcoming survival game set in the Australian Outback. 

Survival Gaming News

The DeadPoly developer is rebuilding the game from the ground up. Best part? It's refreshing to have a developer point out that trying to avoid having players wipe progress can hamper the development progress. Wipes for everyone! (Steam News)

Quality of life updates from Escape the Pacific - swim to the experimental branch and check it out. (Patch Notes)

Adorable bedrolls! Hampering fatigue status! SCUM, you are a crazy bastard. (Patch Notes)

Too much to go into - also some pretty pictures-  KeepUp Survival lays out future plans. (Steam News)

The Ground Support Update is here, bringing you the Turret, Support, and Mining Drones, amongst many other improvements and fixes! Additionally, Volcanoids is on sale till 3/16. (Patch Notes)

I'm a huge fan of The Last Plague: Blight and appreciate these QoL updates! (Patch Notes)

I dunno what half of the crap explained in this game is, but it seems a mite survival horror-ish, maybe? (Hibernaculum on Kickstarter)

More pretty things and lore from Nightingale, but I am still reserving judgment till I can finally get my hands on it. (Inflexion's Reflections)